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Updated: Aug 24, 2018

A message from our CEO, Hillary Sinclair

People often ask me: how did you come up with Wheesearch? FRUSTRATION… I was sick and tired of guessing about makeup, buying, researching, reading tons of paragraphs and checking start reviews… only to wind up disappointed. As my hero, Richard Branson, famously said:

“There is no point in starting your own business unless you do it out of a sense of frustration.” – Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Founder

Here’s How It Started: Lipstick

First, I hate smelly lipstick; it’s right below your nose, so who wants to smell it all day?! Yuck! I could detect L’Oreal’s lipstick across a meeting room (they have since changed their smell – thank heavens!) or even could smell older ladies wearing waxy-smelling Estee Lauder, bless their hearts. I searched, bought, wasted and finally found: MAC! No smell – hallelujah! I’ve been a MAC lipstick devotee ever since.

Then, one fine day, I came across THE HOLY GRAIL: The Perfect Red Lipstick!

The Perfect Red Lipstick... I actually found it! ​

I’ll never forget it – I was in NYC visiting a dear friend and strolled over to Bloomingdale’s MAC counter. A new display caught my eye: London Life. It was a bright pinky-red with blue undertones and hints of glitter flecks in it. It suited me perfectly! I actually got compliments on this lipstick! (how often does that happen?!) What happened next is what always seems to happen after you find the perfect product…


Ack! So I went searching, and searching, and searching. I’ve researched, tried, swatched, watched, read, guessed, bought and came back again. I bought other MAC, NYX, Revlon, Dior, and Chanel products. I’ve tried to get sales staff to help me find THE red that gives me that pinky-red color, that blue undertone (to counteract my reddish undertone) and that hint of glittery sparkle. Nope.

Someone Has the Answer... Let's Find It!

Billions of people wear billions of products every day. What if we were to harness all that knowledge into one easy, personalized, specific place? Given that my career has been spent creating consumer solutions for companies like Avon, Kraft, Visa, Lexus and more, I thought… why don’t I solve this? Let’s create a site where you can get what YOU want: the glitter, color, moisturizing, non-smelly perfect red lipstick. Or the perfect shade of foundation. Or that glowing highlighter. Makeup fans know how it looks, wears and feels… but let’s do it differently!

How We're Different

Let’s take out the guesswork in a quick and easy way, so beauty lovers can get – and share – the real scoop on products… FAST!

  • Easy: It has to be easy to read and find. No more wondering about the stars or reading a bunch of paragraphs!

  • Specific: Let’s get into the details about products that matter: coverage, moisturizing, price, cakey, smooth, matte, sparkly, more.

  • Personalized: Not everyone has the same preferences, coloring, sensitivities. Even I want something different for work vs. the evening. Give me products that will work for ME: my coloring, skin type, preferences and more.

  • Trustworthy: Forget the click farms altering algorithms or the latest marketing speak from Madison Avenue, we want the real scoop for each product shared by fans who actually know… YOU.

  • Democratic: Every voice… every brand… every product… every creator

​Wheesearch is all about YOU and how you shop for makeup. Whee want to give you the truth about products helping you be your most beautiful self. Stop guessing and spend your time/money/love on other things. Come on Beauty Fans, make your beautiful voice be heard!

PS – I’m still looking for the perfect pinky-red, moisturizing, non-smelly, glittery lipstick. Add your Wheepinions and any tips here!

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