Was the BeautyCon Swag Bag Worth It? Here’s the Breakdown.

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

BeautyCon LA is the place to be if you want to find great deals and learn more about brands while hanging out with your friends.

For access, you need to purchase one of these tickets; the General Admission ($ 75 USD), the Hauler ($200 USD) or the Beautycon VIP (around $ 900 USD). 

I attended BeautyCon with a Hauler ticket (given generously by Wheesearch Beauty), and I was lucky enough to get one of the HUGE BeautyCon Hauler Swag Bags. I could tell by the weight of my bag of goodies that even with all of the packaging material, there was still a ton of products inside. And I was right!

The problem is how many of these products can I actually use? 

I decided to calculate all the products in the bag. I divided the products into five categories; cosmetics, food & health, skin care, hair and nails. 

This beautiful silver bag is worth around $ 550 USD!

As for the categories of products, I noticed two red flags immediately. One: I do not use nail polish on my nails since they are too fragile. Two: I have a chronic hereditary skin problem that prevents me from using any products that haven’t been approved by my dermatologist. Where did those products go? To my family, (who don't have any skin issues,) and to my lovely friends.

After unboxing all of the products with my fellow Wheesearch Beauty colleague Carly Ann in a live video (link) on our YouTube channel, I realized that almost all of the hair products are catering to women with naturally curly hair. While this is absolutely fantastic and I am glad that BeautyCon is catering to more women of color, I cannot use these products on my hair. Where did those products go? To my lovely friends with naturally curly hair. 🙂

So… was it worth it? My personal opinion is no.

I cannot use most of the skin care products included in the package, I will not be using most of the hair products and I do not wear nail polish so I will be giving away all these products to my family and friends. What I will keep are the cosmetic products! I calculated the total amount of products that I am keeping and it’s worth around $ 200USD which not even half of the bag. 

The problem with those bags is that they are giving the exact same products to everyone with a Hauler Pass, and it is safe to assume that are all very different. 

I think what might have helped is for them to let us fill out a form that provides information regarding our preferences for skin, hair and makeup products. That is a lot of work for them and I completely understand that they cannot please everyone but it's just a thought!

At first glance, getting the humongous bag of products was one of the best parts of BeautyCon. I loved doing the unboxing with my fellow creator Carly Ann and trying some of the products, but when taking a closer look, they are simply not worth as much as you think.

By Gabrielle Sorel

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