Two Boys and a Dream

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

“It all started with two boys, a dream, and glitter eyeshadow…

Jerrod and Jeremy created Too Faced in 1998, bringing fun and glamour back to the beauty business. Now 20 years later, Too Faced is celebrating their birthday with the ultimate anniversary collection. [1] -

Too Faced has launched their 20 Year Anniversary Collection this month boasting a number of revamped, classic, glittery favorites. Most notably, their “Then & Now Eyeshadow Palette” features 10 shades from the original palette with a “reimagined 2018 twist.” [2]

Bringing Fun and Glamour Back to the Beauty Business

The line-up follows with dressed-up favorites such as the “Better Than Sex Birthday Mascara,” (a re-packaged “limited edition,” dolled-up version of the same mascara in stores today), and 8 metallic lipsticks featuring a sparkly bullet and inspired by the original shades with that mysterious “2018 twist” that’s dropped in every product description.

You may have heard a thing or two about founders, Jerrod and Jeremy. For those of you just joining the birthday party, here’s a refreshment:

Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson originally worked together behind an Estée Lauder makeup counter. Eventually, they came together with a vision after the countless hours spent discovering the “transformative power of makeup” for women. [3]

“Their vision was to create a makeup line that would celebrate individuality and inject joy back into an industry that had become rigidly led by rules, not fun. With a credit card, a laser-like focus, and a dream to celebrate and empower women, Too Faced was born in 1998.” [3]

Claiming to be “distressed and unimpressed” with the too-serious state of the makeup industry, this duo started their company with Johnson acting as CEO and Blandino as Chief Creative Officer. Today, Too Faced can be found across the world in over 30 countries and boasts a robust offering of cruelty free options for every beauty lover.

Success and Scandal

Too Faced is known across the internet for both success and scandal with famous YouTube Creators. Last year, Too Faced launched an entire collection with Kandee Johnson, a longtime friend of Blandino and Johnson. Too Faced also impressed with their wonderfully diverse shade range in the “Born This Way” Foundation collaboration with Jackie Aina. [4]

However, YouTube Creators like Tati Westbrook and Jeffree Star have publicly cut ties with Too Faced over alleged unfair terms in collaborative contracts between Westbrook herself and YouTube Creator, Nikkie de Jager, (better known as her YouTube name, “NikkieTutorials”). [5]

Too Faced was acquired by makeup giant Estée Lauder back in November 2016 following a report by General Atlantic that the company had tripled their reported $500 million value. [6] Too Faced was reportedly sold for $1.45 billion and is Estée Lauder’s largest acquisition to date. This deal has seemingly only amplified Too Faced’s popularity despite growing concern over the validity of the claim that Too Faced products are actually “Cruelty Free” because of Estée Lauder’s dealings in China.

Dazzle Us Again

Despite the many changes over the last two decades, Co-Founders Blandino and Johnson have strengthened their creative vision and dazzled us once again with the possibility of another successful decade in makeup stores around the world. The 20 Year Anniversary Collection is truly a celebration of all the tremendous hard work of those who brought Too Faced to life and who continue to dream up some of the most fantastical makeup on the market.

Wheesearch Beauty is dedicated to finding the right makeup for you, and Too Faced products can be found across our entire platform including the Wheesearch YouTube Channel where we recently posted our in-depth review of the “20 Year Anniversary Collection” by Featured Creator, Phylesha Styles.

Watch the review here:

Watch for all the details on how the “Then & Now Eyeshadow Palette” performs and find your new favorite Too Faced product on today.

Written by Carly Ann Worden

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