Tips and Tricks for HalloWheek!

This week, the Wheesearch Beauty YouTube Channel featured creators from our Beauty Creator team along with host, Jay Iziah in “HalloWheek” - a live-streaming event for makeup and Halloween lovers alike.

Wednesday’s episode featuring makeup artist and creator, Aisling Rose covered ideas for your last minute Halloween Costumes this season. While Aisling applied her “last minute” Vampire Makeup Look for an easy Halloween costume, both her and Jay shared some pretty awesome tips for applying makeup while being questioned by our audience. For your easy reference, here’s a wrap up on their great suggestions:

Blend Dark to Light

When applying eyeshadow, be sure to start in the “Outer V” and Crease of your eyelid using your dark shades and gradually build to your lightest shades to avoid messy blending and muddy transitions.

Pat Don’t Swipe

When applying eyeshadow, (especially pigmented colors,) be sure to pat your eyeshadow on the surface of your eyelid instead of swiping across. This will provide the best results for color pigmentation as well as more seamless blending across the eyelid. This really applies to shimmer eyeshadow as swiping will cause you to lose most of the shine of the eyeshadow.

Thinner, Longer Wings for Hooded Eyes

If you have hooded eyes and are continually plagued by your eyeliner becoming messy and transferring, try using a thinner line across your eyelid. While you may not be able to enjoy a nice, thick eyeliner wing, you actually have the opportunity to make a longer wing so it extends beyond your eyelid and is seen easier. While this would look somewhat dramatic on a non-hooded lid, the hood of your lid hides most of the eyeliner so extending the wing will make it visible and the tip of the wing will not transfer to your brow bone. When in doubt, a pair of false lashes will really amplify your eye look as well.

Just wait, WAIT for the lash glue to dry!

We all know the struggle of applying lashes, so what’s the secret? Jay found that standing up helps his focus and applying from the inner corner outward. Aisling wears lashes often and has the practice to apply them much easier than most. With beauty gurus like Michelle Phan and Kandee Johnson paving the way for almost-too-easy lash application, it is clear that really waiting for your lash glue to become tacky is the key to a flawless eyelash. Personally, I can attest to this myself, as well as putting in hours and hours of practice. I used to hate applying lashes but now, I top off every glam look with a set from Ardell or Kiss. Buying inexpensive lashes with a clear band will certainly help with a seamless application, but waiting until the glue is truly tacky will ensure an easy experience.

What we wouldn’t suggest is taking Jay’s challenge to apply lashes without a mirror for your full glam face! Yikes!

For more spooky ideas for Halloween and lots of fun between friends, Aisling and Jay watch the full livestream here!

Watch the entire HalloWheek Livestream Series HERE for lots more spooky fun!

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