The State of Beauty Report Is Here!

Over 5000 Wheepinions, over 25,000 sliders moved, and all of you... the State of Beauty Report has arrived! Your voices have been heard, and we are sharing all sorts of news, trends and realities about the products that beauty fans are saying about the products they use, and

what they're really searching for. No more deciphering star reviews and reading thousands of paragraphs!

Whee Have Listened to You... Your Voices Matter!

With Wheesearch Beauty, you have faithfully seen that there is a better way to search for and review your favorite products and find creators' videos with those products tagged in them. You've shown that if companies make it personalized, easy and fast, then you can get the info you need to make the best decisions, save time and money and protect our environment.

- 2/3 of you spend over an hour(!) online researching a beauty product! That's crazy. Whee're so glad you've shown that it doesn't have to be this way.

On average, our Wheesearchers are:

The State of Beauty Report harnesses the power of your voices sharing what you want (greater transparency), what is needed (better Foundations!), and even when you have mixed feelings (such as around Scent-heavy products or Sensitive Skin). As promised, Whee stand by our promise to never divulge personally identifiable information (PII).

Brands and Beauty Creators: Are You Listening?!

Here are a few of the top nuggets from the State of Beauty Report...

  • 45% are beauty fans of color, with a variety of Undertones

  • Some of the most popular brands are NYX, MAC, tarte, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Urban Decay, Maybelline, benefit cosmetics and wet n wild.

  • Coverage, Long-lasting and Smooth Finish are hugely important, even more than Price

  • Foundation is the hardest makeup to find, with more than 1 out of every 5 searches. 2/3 of all sliders moved for Easy to Apply were also for Foundation.

  • Highest Passion (most 100% sliders moved): Coverage, Waterproof, Long-lasting, Moisturizing, and Smooth Finish.

Read the full State of Beauty Report here:

What's Next: WheeMeet... You Learn

Finding the perfect makeup that works for you is only half the battle; the other is learning how to use it. Whee've got you covered!

WheeMeet allows video creators & makeup artists to meet their fans and teach them how to be their most beautiful selves.

The Democracy of Beauty is upon us. Wheesearch Beauty helps boost the confidence of all beauty fans so they can be their most confident and beautiful selves. Stay tuned for more makeup insights, and stay beautiful!

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