NYX Face Awards: The Biggest Makeup Competition in the World (According To Me)

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

I’ve watched the NYX Face Awards since my late teens and I always told myself that:

"one day I will try to enter..."

In April 2017, with the great help of my roommate who has no background in video production whatsoever, I filmed my submission for the awards. 

Body Painting and SFX

Here's the thing about the NYX Face Awards. Their contest is geared towards body painting and SFX (Special Effects Makeup) which I've never done before. People have told me that I do well applying makeup, so I would like to try it out someday but I know how difficult it is!

It's not just the makeup skills that matter. The presentation, (production design of the video,) as well as the quality of the tutorial are important aspects of the submission too. 

I decided for my submission that I would create a candy elf which I called Kandy Kane, (very original title I know). The whole process of doing research, creating a look and filming with my good friend was an absolute blast.

My result, however, was not so great.

Expectations Vs. Reality

I have never used prosthetics before or a foundation any other color than a natural skin tone.  Doing this video was definitely a challenge since I was using new products and the process of applying them was new to me. I tried to mix two different colors of foundation together to get the kind of pink shade I wanted and the result was terrible! It created patches all over my face! The prosthetic nose I bought wouldn't stay on and my eyes were constantly watering down from the contacts I had, (I'm not used to putting in contact lenses). I cannot say the process of creating the makeup for the video was easy, but still, I wanted to create something.

My problem with the NYX Face Awards is that for the most part, all the entries are SFX or body paint submissions and my skills in those areas aren't that great. I wish they would create subcategories of either Everyday Makeup, Editorial Makeup, Glam Makeup, SFX Makeup, etc. It would be nice to have a range of what you can submit for contestants like myself.

Changing the Game

I felt unsatisfied with the current award culture so I proposed to Wheesearch's Founder, Hillary Sinclair that we create the “Wheesearch Beauty Creator Awards” which would cater to everyone. There would be different types of challenges and everyone can participate no matter what kind of makeup style you are experienced in.

Want to watch this year's NYX Face Awards?

Keep an eye out because the Beauty Creator Awards are coming soon!

In the meantime, go check out Wheesearch.com to find the perfect products that work for you!

By Gabrielle Sorel

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