Is September too early for Holiday Makeup?

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

The winter season is an exciting time for makeup brands.

All of the possibilities that come with winter inspired beauty products and the potential for gifts that wow and awe their customers is almost too exciting to wait for. Typically, brands begin teasing their holiday collections as the busy Halloween season is in full swing and make their grand releases in the month November: plenty of time to save up for the season of limited edition grandeur.

According to this CNBC article, in the year of 2016 “consumers plan to spend an average $139.61 on themselves this holiday season, according to the National Retail Federation”.

The NRF also went on to report that shoppers were more than likely going to spend the big bucks on themselves vs. on their loved ones during the holiday season.

CNBC blames this spending habit on the rise of the “selfie”.

Here at Wheesearch, we believe it has a bit more to do with influencer marketing.

According to The NPD Group, last year the beauty industry sales increased over 6 percent with the majority of increases found in skincare.

“beauty was the growth leader during various weeks including Thanksgiving/Black Friday week. Some of its hottest holiday sellers were false eyelashes, lip gloss, skincare sets and kits, and home ancillary gift sets..”

In recent years, the rise of influencer marketing has dramatically affected the rise in sales of beauty products. Brands continue to pump out products faster and faster with more flashy packaging and expensive PR kits to entice the growing number of beauty influencers. Fans continue to look at beauty influencers for the truth about products released on the market and use their opinions and reviews to judge whether or not to purchase.

However, a recent poll taken across our social media platforms indicated that our audience is split over whether or not they can trust beauty influencers to give them honest opinions about makeup. Here’s how the results break down:

Approx. 57% of our audience who voted say that they trust the reviews of beauty influencers

Facebook Users: split 50/50 - half of our users who voted say they cannot trust beauty influencers to give them honest reviews
Twitter Users: 100% voted “I trust some, not others” to give them honest reviews
Instagram Users: 70% voted “Yes”, they do trust beauty influencers to give honest reviews

With a growing amount of distrust of beauty influencers in the industry and the outrage at some of the business practices of the brand-influencer relationship, (ex. The rumor that some influencers make as high as 60k per sponsored video), brand sales have been suffering in recent months.

This is interesting considering the recent push for Holiday product releases on the beauty market.

We are currently in the month of September with the anticipated makeup month of Halloween still upon us. Why are brands choosing NOW to start publicizing and teasing their upcoming holiday collections?

Brands such as MAC, Urban Decay, Too Faced, Stila Cosmetics, Smashbox and more have extensive holiday collections already being rumored across social media and being released for purchase in stores today. (Check our Product Calendar for more information about product releases!) Many of these collections boast limited edition eyeshadow palettes, repackaged favorites, and gift sets that save a couple of dollars here and there. Influencers are already starting to receive their PR boxes and have teased them across their personal social media and YouTube channels.

Is this an attempt by brands to make up for the losses in sales over recent months due to the rise of distrust in influencers? The data above certainly tells a story and has us looking closely at the products due for release this holiday season.

We would love to know what you think!

Tell us: are you excited to see the teasers and early releases of Holiday products? Or is September too soon in your opinion? Leave us a comment or share your thoughts with us at

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Written by Carly Ann Worden

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