Halloween Is Coming! Is Your Channel Ready?

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

The scariest season in YouTube Makeup

It’s no secret that Halloween is an electrifying time of year in the beauty community. Every October, we have the joy and thrill of watching each of our favorite creators transform their channels into full blown Halloween shops complete with handmade props, gory special effects techniques and transformations that are nothing short of beyond imagination.

The intensity of this season is no joke; pressure to perform even bigger and better than the previous year and get more creative and daring is almost too much for some creators to handle.

12.9% of Americans in 2017 got their Halloween Costume Inspiration from YouTube, that's over 42 million people

According to the National Retail Foundation, last year more than 179 million Americans spent an estimate $9.1 billion dollars on costumes, candy, decorations, festivities and more. With approximately 7/10 Americans celebrating the holiday, the most amount of money goes toward costumes with an average of $86.13 spent per household. Almost 1/3 of shoppers last year were projected to start spending money on Halloween before September, and YouTube alone accounted for 12.9% of reported “costume inspiration” for customers.

Halloween Has Transformed YouTube Makeup Culture

As YouTube became an obvious source for Halloween makeup inspiration, the beauty community followed suit in extreme fashion. Back in 2014, Michelle Phan was hitting over 50 million views with her most popular Halloween tutorials like “Barbie Transformation”, “Zombie Barbie” and “Seductive Vampire”.

Fast forward to 2018 and there are channels on YouTube who exclusively create SFX, Gore, and Costume makeup throughout the entire calendar year. Aside from the incredible investment into each creation, (not to mention the lack of help from YouTube’s algorithm to promote this material due to “inappropriate content” flagging leading to lack of sponsorships and dropped monetization), this is a massive and risky undertaking for sfx creators like Mykie from “Glam and Gore”, Lex from “Makeyewlook”, and Jordan Hanz.

In her 2016 video HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE, Mykie (“Glam and Gore”), admitted that most of her yearly earnings are made from Google Adsense during the month of October:

...my youtube Adsense earnings are the highest around Halloween and following Halloween because 50% of my videos suddenly become very relevant to most people’s lives... what I’m making around Halloween is 4x more than what I’m making currently… That is a very, very big difference and that is why if you’re going to be making a living off of these types of things you need to take it in consideration…”

Creators such as Mykie as well as Desi Perkins, Madeyewlook, and Bunny Meyer (“grav3yardgirl”) have expressed their fear and excitement over the closely approaching season over twitter in recent weeks and as the countdowns creep closer to the looming date:

Even brands are starting to join in on the hype:

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By Carly Ann Worden

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