Get Wet N Wild This Halloween!

By Carly Ann Worden

Are you ready to get into the Halloween spirit but feel intimidated by all the choices out there for makeup?

Halloween Costumes are the perfect opportunity for amateurs and professionals alike to experiment with SFX products and techniques. Halloween stores across the nation open up their doors and supply an array of products from gore and fake blood to glitter and unicorn horns. Personally, I really love experimenting in this time of year since the products are usually well priced at my local stores like Walmart. I usually spend quite a bit of money stocking up on face paints, glitters, masks, prosthetics, etc.

This year, I wanted to make a big series on my makeup channel and really begin to experiment with Editorial style makeup looks and elaborate costumes. I wanted to push myself. Creating scales for a mermaid look, body painting, and the ever popular skull tutorials were challenges I gave myself, and all of a sudden, I was overcome with fear. I had never tried any of these techniques before and now I needed to look like I knew what I was doing.

…cue the montage where I shop for anything I can get and I watch a TON of makeup tutorials…

Happily, I would like to report that the series is going very well so far, all thanks to my trusty, favorite drugstore brand: Wet N Wild. Wet N Wild released their “Fantasy Makers” Collection complete with stencils, body paints, fake blood, glitters, eyelashes, and much more. Obviously fueled by the desire for inexpensive ways to create Halloween costume looks, Wet n Wild has really stepped up their game as an affordable brand.

Let’s look at body paints for example.Most professional-grade water based body paint supplies is priced as follows:

Pro Paint by Graftobian: $14.00
Mehron Paradise Paint Pots: $13.50
Ben Nye Magicake Aqua Paint: $7.00

Now these prices are certainly not through the roof or outlandish by any means, however, this is the price per individual color. Palettes range anywhere from $30 - over $200, especially when diving into things like alcohol based supplies for body painting.

Now compare this with Wet n Wild’s Paint Pot. Only $2.99!!! Also their palette featuring 6 colors is only $5.99!

Granted, these products are not as good of quality or have as much of a color range or selection. Despite this, most body painters are accustomed to creating their own shades by combining primary colors and most body painting amateurs are looking for one specific item for a look.

I have eight editorial/costume looks in my makeup series ranging from a mermaid to a skull mask to a broken doll to a woodland fairy. Each look has a palette of colors and designs that have all been pre-designed and are determined based on the piece of music that I am inspired by. (For more info on my series, click here).

With this information, I was able to pick out very specific products for each look; just as I would for a single Halloween costume. Every product that I needed was supplied at a low cost by Wet n Wild right down the street at my local store.

Not only was it convenient to find, but I found many of the techniques that I was intimidated to try to be very easy thanks to the materials provided by the Wet n Wild bundles for sale. Bundles range from $16.00-$27.00, and items may be purchased individually as well (based on availability at your store). is dedicated to finding the right products for you, your sensitivities and your preferences.

Personally, my needs were met and I was blown away by the products available at Wet n Wild this season; an added bonus being that the company is also certified cruelty free. I encourage any of you artists out there who may be intimidated or strapped for cash to try using the Wet n Wild products and let us know how they work for you. Wet n Wild has made it easy for me to excel and progress in my makeup career, and I truly wish the best of luck and a wonderfully spooky season to you all.

The Wet n Wild Fantasy Maker’s Collection:

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