BeautyCon: The Disneyland of makeup addicts

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

"Join us for two days of panel discussions, meetups, and infinite inspiration. Celebrate the power of beauty, with more than 500 creators and 100+ brand experiences from your favorite beauty and health & wellness brands."

This sounds promising but what was BeautyCon Los Angeles really like? 

I'm from Canada which means that going to BeautyCon LA was going to be an adventure for me. I left from Toronto Pearson Airport at 3:00am on Friday, July 13th 2018, and landed back in Toronto at 6:00am on Monday, July 16th 2018 which means that I would spend less than 72h in the US! I learned that a red-eye flight is not something I ever wish to do again. 

For those two days, the Los Angeles Convention Center felt like the Disneyland of makeup addicts. The first thing we did was pick up our Two Day Hauler Swag Bags near the entrance, (to find out what was inside of the bags, read our article about all the swag in the bag!) We had to drop these humongous bags in the car, and then we entered the convention center. Let me tell you, these booths were incredible! That may be why I was a little confused.

The hopes of winning a free product.

It might seem naïve but I thought BeautyCon was going to be an event with many free giveaway products. I was expecting something similar to VidCon in terms of feeling like a convention. I realized that to participate in the booth’s activities, (like Anastasia Beverly Hills for example), you had to buy a minimum of $50 USD of products and then you were allowed to play a game in the hopes of winning a free product.

That's not the worst of it. 

I'm the kind of person that has a lot of difficulty saying no. Normally, it isn't hard to leave a mall or a store without purchasing any product. However, with over 200 brands in a big convention center full of employees making commissions on your purchases, it’s a little more intimidating and difficult to mindlessly walk around and “window shop”.

In the first five minutes of arriving, I was standing next to the DNA Hair Tool booth when one of their representatives touched my curly hair and proceeded to tell me how much I must hate it and the insane work I must do to maintain it. On an average morning, I spend under 5 minutes on my curly hair that I love. The man kept telling me how much of a great price it was for $175USD when the original price of the product was $ 300USD and that it would make my life soooo easy. 

Reality is that $ 175USD is approximately $ 227CAD and me being a college student means that I can’t help but transfer this into necessities like food which would be around 22 meals. 

The man was incredibly insistent, holding the straightener at 400F right next to my face, talking really fast and showing me all the different techniques that I could do with it. At the same time, the doors opened to let in the General Admission attendees (probably around 10,000 people) start entering the convention center. 

Freaking out, I bought the straightener for 120USD so I would be left alone. 

The Gorgeous Booths

This event had huge production value to it. The booths were absolutely B E A U T I F U L and magical. Overall, the event was very pink, sparkly, flowery, and feminine. The L’Oréal booth had real flowers dropping from the roof of their booth, the Anastasia Beverly Hills booth had a “crystal” wall that was illuminated from the inside, K-Town had real flower walls everywhere so you could take photos with your friends. The music was great and the beauty gurus (when you can see them) were nice.

The Talent

Before the event I monitored the BeautyCon app to see which beauty creator was going to attend. Beside a couple meetups that were scheduled to take place in different booths all over the convention (the lines were incredibly long) and the main stage, I cannot say that I saw a lot of beauty creators. Since one of our featured creators had a guest pass and could access backstage, I believe that this is where they were all hanging out for the weekend.

And THAT is a little misleading in my opinion. All these people were under “attending” but kept in a different section than the rest of us. I completely understand why that is because of safety which is the number one priority at all time, but maybe they should have been put another word than “attending” in that case.

BeautyCon was like a very pretty, expensive Sephora that even showcased brands that are exclusively online.

If you are a local and bought a general admission ticket ($75 USD) then the event would be totally worth it in my opinion. You will wait in lines but you get deals on products up to 20% off full price! You could get to see some of your favorite beauty creators on the big stage! It is a fun event to attend with your bestie over the weekend if you live close by.

As for the out of state/country people attending the event, your expectations might not be met. Unless you get the Hauler ticket ($200USD) or the VIP ticket (around $900USD), you will be waiting in long lines for deals that might not be worth the time spent. For me, since the Canadian dollar isn't doing very well, shopping in the U.S. is a big no no.  Paying for the flights, hotels and eating out can make the traveling cost very high. 


BeautyCon 2018 was an enjoyable event but my expectations might have been a little too high and therefore I left feeling like somehow I didn't get the full experience of what I was looking for even if the event was hyped.

Do you want to see some of the gorgeous booths at BeautyCon? Check out our BeautyCon LA Vlogs on and watch our livestreams for all the details on the Two-Day Hauler Swag Bags!

By Gabrielle Sorel

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